All-American Baseball Assoication

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Frequently Asked Questions about AABA and APC Sports Baseball (How do I play the games) for new owners/GMs/managers!

1.       Whenever I import the computer manager (CM) from my opponent I am going to play in APC Sports Baseball the teams don?t have the list of pitchers in the ?Daily Starters? tab.  However all the other managers have can see the pitchers.  Why?

When you go to click on the utilities menu, follow down to the "import the computer managers" button and click it once.  Once inside that window be sure to double click on the team inside the menu that you are going to play and then click on the okay button on the bottom of the import window after you get the confirmation message from the game that "The manager has been successfully imported."

If you just single click to select the team inside the import managers menu and then hit the "ok" button it will NOTimport the CMs.  You have to double click the on the team names inside the window to get the confirmation message that says the CMs have been successfully imported!  Then you can click the button at the bottom of the import box that says "ok" to close the window and complete the manager import! 

2.      Whenever I start a game to play against an opponent, I select my line up and starting pitcher.  I also place my opponent?s starting pitcher in based on the daily starters list for the day of the game.  I then click on ?computer select? to get his/her line up in against my pitcher.  However when I start the game, I see the computer has a different starting pitcher (not the one specified by me to start the game).  What did I do wrong?

One common occurrence in APC Sports Baseball, is before you start a game you place the opposing pitcher in for the home team scheduled to play against you, however after you start the game, the CM will sometimes switch up the pitcher with another one instead.  So when you start the game you find you are not facing a certain pitcher but a different one.  To avoid this error before you start a game always double check the opposing starting pitcher that you put in is still there when you go back to your line up before you select okay to start the game.  This computer switch will occur on the screen before you start the game.  If it does change, then click ?view opponent? button and replace the new pitcher with the one you originally entered to start the game based on the date of the game.  Then start the game!

3.       After I carefully make sure I have imported my opponent?s CM correctly, I still don?t get the starting pitchers scheduled per date for the month.  What do I do next?

Sometimes the opposing manager has actually forgotten to put in his pitchers for each day of the month or else they fell victim to APC Sports Baseball computer idiosyncrasy what was described on question #6 (see later on below).  Notify the commissioner of the problem with the CM and they will notify the current manager of their deficient CM.  Sometimes (especially near the deadline for all games to be played at the end of the month) the commissioner will allow the CM to go ahead and choose the pitcher and play the game anyway.  Either way contact the commissioner on this problem.

4.       My pitchers all have fatigue accumulated from the prior games I have played.  Now with another series starting it says I can?t start my pitcher or that he has a low estimated pitch count (EPC).  What do I do?

For every new series go ahead and select ?League Reset? red button at the top of the screen.  Inside the reset menu select the arrow down button under the listing ?pitcher rest.?  The drop down menu will pull down a choice between 1-5 days.  Go ahead and select 5 days and then click ?ok? at the bottom of the screen.  During a series (i.e. a set of games against a particular opponent) do not reset the league again until you are done with all the games against a particular team.  This will force some team management of the bull pen within a series.  The reason league reset needs to be selected between each series is that many times managers will not play their games their games in chronological order so they will face situations where they actually played a future series game first (ex. Say July 25, 26, and 27) and then come back to play another earlier series (ex. on July 5, 6, and 7).  This especially occurs when certain managers usea combination Internet live game play and play against the opponent CM for away games.  Actual pitcher season long fatigue is tracked by IPs so appropriate cumulative penalties will be applied as the season wears on. 

5.       I see the salaries inside APC Sports Baseball.  Do these reflect the actual salaries of the players?? 

No they do not and the actual salary of a player in the AABA is tracked in the League office of the commissioner and published in a PDF file.  So be sure to check the true salary on this report. 

6.       Why is it that when I export my CM that my starting pitchers are not listed in the dates for that month.  I know I entered them for each day of the month but they don?t get exported to the CM when I send it to the commissioner for processing!

Remember when programming your CM for the home games (remember the AABA managers only play against the CM for the road games) to make the last thing you do before exporting the CM is to put in the pitchers for each day of the month.  If you decide to go back to make some adjustments in the CM on strategy, then you will lose all the pitchers you typed in for each day of the month. 

7.      When do trades take effect in APC Sports Baseball?  When can I do call ups and send downs to the minor leagues.

Trades don?t take place until the next block of games.  The same occurs for call ups and send downs for the minor leagues.  You are not allowed to bring people up from the minors and send people down in the middle of a block of games.

8.        Do not "carded" (players who didn't play last year) players count against my salary cap?  How about my roster size?

Anyone on your roster that has a salary counts against the cap.  Minor leaguers who haven't played don't get a salary until Action Baseball assigns it.

9.       Does the All Star Game count towards home field advantage in the playoffs?

No!  Unlike in the real MLB, we don?t believe in this.  Home field advantage will be determined by won and loss records and tie breaker based on how well they did within their divisions (i.e. winning PCT.).

10.   Do injuries occur in AABA? 

Not between games.  A player can be injured within a series and unavailable within that series but later they will be available.  Player limitations are based mainly on IP and AB. 

11.   What happens if I play a Netplay (over Internet) game and my opponent hosts the games and loses the files that record our games are played?  What happens if we get disconnected in the middle of a game?

When Netplay games are played the hosting player should send the exported game files of those games immediately after the games are played (just in case of computer failure like here occurred here).  Right after the game this should be done.   In APC Sports Baseball it is not an easy task to recreate games that are lost.  Whether this is a regular season game or playoffs the game will be lost forever. 

In the event a Netplay game gets interrupted during the middle of play, an attempt should be made to reestablish connection and complete the game.  If not possible, then this should be discussed with the commissioner and it will be handled on a case by case basis.

12.   I want to cut players and obtain players on waivers (Free Agents (FAs)).  How do I go about doing that?

First, make sure to obtain from the commissioner the AABASalaryPDF file which lists the current player?s salaries on your team.  Second, decide which players you plan to cut and list their salaries and the total salary that will be removed from your payroll.  Third, decide which players you will pick up in FAs and list their salaries and the total aggregate cost to obtain them.  Fourth,  double check your team to make sure you do not exceed your salary cap for the current season (usually $100 million but this may change with the season and new rules).  Finally, submit the proposed acquisitions to the commissioner in an email and save a cc for yourself.  At the end of the block (see question 7) the commissioner will go through all the requests and allocate FAs based on requests.  If two teams request the same player, the team with worse winning PCT. From the prior year will get precedence over the other team.  These changes for your team will be resubmitted to you to program your CM (computer managers) to incorporate the new players. 

In order to allow time to collate and enter all players to updated rosters please submit all changes 3 days before the end of the block.